Balance Bike Tips for Toddlers

Balance Bike Tips for Toddlers a Family Teaching Their Toddler to Ride a Balance Bike on a Trail

Balance bikes make building bike confidence easier for toddlers. These bikes are also perfect for using kids’ energy and getting them outside. But we could use some balance bike tips for toddlers to fully understand the difference between balance bikes and training wheels.

Balance bike tips for toddlers can help parents teach their young ones the confidence they need to ride a bike.

Balance Bike Tips for Toddlers

Balance bike tips for toddlers can help parents teach their young ones the confidence they need to ride a bike. What is a balance bike? A balance bike is much like a regular bike. You will find two wheels, handlebars, and a bike seat.

But there aren’t any pedals on this bike. Instead, the bike sits low enough that toddlers can push themselves with their feet. Kids usually walk along with the balance bike, keeping one foot on the ground at all times.

However, kids will start to push themselves forward, propelling the bike and lifting their feet off the ground. They will naturally learn balancing skills that will make it easier once the time comes for a normal-sized bike.

Essentially, a balance bike teaches balance skills, but it also increases toddlers’ confidence levels and makes it so they only need to learn to pedal.

Balance Bike Tips for Toddlers a Toddler Reading a Book to a Teddy Bear in a Field

When to Get a Balance Bike

Balance bikes are such that there really isn’t an age too young for use. In fact, you could use them with kids as low as 18 months old! You will need to make your best judgment as a parent here. However, these are balance bike tips for toddlers; there is a solution to this problem.

Kids propel themselves on balance bikes by walking while sitting on the bike. A good time to get them started on a balance bike is when they start showing signs of attempting to walk. This is usually between 10 and 18 months old.

Makers of balance bikes often recommend 18 months, but now we know what signs to look for before buying one.

Balance Bike Tips for Toddlers Two Toddlers Dressed as Business People Working in a Pretend Office in a Field

Set Expectations Low

Parents often get excited at the prospect of their child learning a new skill; look to new mom’s Facebook or Instagram posts for proof. There’s nothing wrong with that excitement, but don’t let that excitement push your child too hard.

Parents will need to balance their expectations (pun intended). First, parents should pay attention to their children when introducing the balance bike. Don’t force it too much if your child is exhibiting fear in significant amounts. This may push them away from the idea of bikes in general.

It would be best if you also didn’t give up on it because they don’t use it as often as you’d like. Find a healthy balance to create a safe learning environment for your child. That’s one of the most important balance bike tips for toddlers: a safe learning environment.

Balance Bike Tips for Toddlers a Toddler Walking with a Balance Bike

Safety First

Yes, balance bikes are walking tools at first. However, we want to create a habit in our children, a habit of safety first. That means using a ProLids helmet, even on a balance bike. Of course, eventually, kids will start to balance on a balance bike, and falls may happen, so helmets are necessary.

However, some parents may not see a need for a helmet at the start since kids are essentially walking. Still, having toddlers wear helmets will make it a habit and encourage them to balance more.

Balance Bike Tips for Toddlers a Toddler Running Through a Park

Bells and Whistles

The balance bike alone is a fun tool kids will surely enjoy using as often as possible. But the balance bike you pick will make a difference to your toddler. Colors are easy, but features are an entirely different story.

We don’t want to make things too complicated for toddlers here, but we want to familiarize them with some essential bike functions. There are balance bikes out there with handbrakes that are perfect for teaching braking.

You can also add literal bells and whistles to make the balance bike even more attractive to your toddler. Be sure to exhibit patience throughout this process. Use these balance bike tips for toddlers to make the process easier for you and your toddler.