ProLids was established in 2022 by a retired firefighter, husband and father who had personally suffered from a traumatic brain injury when he was 8 years old. At the time he did not know he had suffered a brain injury as not much was know about concussions in the 70s and 80s. He spent decades trying to heal his brain and once he was able to do so was determined to create a safety helmet that people would want to wear.

The helmet industry has not turned out a new helmet design in decades, until now. ProLids is a patent pending helmet that emulates a ball cap but allows the wearer customization. It is essentially 6 helmets in 1. The user can wear the brim either forward or backward facing and they can also switch out their brims as they want. It comes with 3 brims: basic, flat boy and the curved-up brim which gives the user 6 different options. The brims are completely interchangeable which creates a custom cool feel and makes this helmet different from all the others.

ProLids has passed the CPSC standard for children’s bicycle helmets for ages 8+ so the users can feel confident that they are protected when wearing properly. ProLids is a USA based company and is headquartered in Oklahoma. ProLids can be personalized with stickers and offers the user a totally unique and safe design.