Types of Helmets for Kids

Types of Helmets for Kids Two Kids Standing Outside Wearing ProLids

There aren’t many variations in helmet types, and safety is the top priority. However, there are different types of helmets for kids in terms of style. Most won’t offer more or less protection than others. But parents should know their options when it comes to protecting their children.

The different types of helmets for kids will mostly offer the same levels of protection; it is the style we are picking between.

The different types of helmets for kids will mostly offer the same levels of protection; it is the style we are picking between. Everyone pictures a similar thing when asked to picture a kid’s helmet. There hasn’t been much change in design or even build materials in decades.

Helmets consist of an outer shell, which doesn’t do much. Then, there is a foam layer, the most crucial part. The foam is designed to absorb shock from a crash. There are straps and buckles, and that’s essentially all there is to a helmet.

Types of Helmets for Kids Young Boy Putting on a ProLids Helmet

Of course, the right combination of materials can provide better protection, but most helmets will offer the same levels of protection. Which begs the question, what types of helmets are there? There are a few different types of helmets for kids.

They may all offer similar protection in a crash, but kids may enjoy wearing one type over the other. That is where the real difference comes into play. The goal of a helmet is to protect, but the style can make kids actually want to wear the helmet every time they get on a bike, scooter, or skateboard.

Types of Helmets for Kids a Young Girl Wearing a ProLids Helmet

Type of Helmets for Kids

ProLids helmets are unique types of helmets of their own. They offer the same level of protection as most helmets but in a different style. ProLids are designed to look like baseball caps, providing a unique look that makes kids excited to show off.

That excitement leads to kids wanting to wear their helmets every time they ride a bike. And parents know getting their kids to wear helmets is the hardest part. Of course, ProLids are unique, different than most helmets in appearance alone. However, the level of protection is the same as a bike helmet.

Types of Helmets for Kids a Kid Riding a Bike While Wearing a Regular Helmet

Bike Helmets for Kids

Let’s start with the most familiar type of helmet, the basic bike helmet. This is the one we all envision when we think of helmets. It’s designed to protect the head without obstructing peripheral vision, a crucial feature for active kids.

The helmet is lightweight, and it’s equipped with ventilation holes to ensure airflow, making it comfortable to wear. While these holes do create literal gaps in the protective layers, the design is generally accepted as safe.

Types of Helmets for Kids a Man Riding a Vespa with a Person Standing Behind it Both Wearing Open-Face Helmets

Open Face Helmets for Kids

Research has shown that children are more concerned with a helmet’s appearance than its comfort. However, as parents, finding a balance between looks, comfort, and safety is essential. One such helmet type is the open-face helmet, which covers the head’s top, back, and sides but leaves the face open.

This design choice is why it’s called an open-face helmet, leading to the following type of helmet. 

Types of Helmets for Kids Two People Standing Next to Each Other Wearing Full Face Helmets

Full Face Helmet for Kids

This is another typical helmet people think of when asked to picture a helmet. Of course, the lifestyle makes a huge difference. For example, these helmets are the types of helmets you will find motorcycle or dirt bike riders wearing. They cover the entire head and also have a chin bar in front.

These helmets offer the most protection. However, they also block the peripheral view. There are different styles of full-face helmets as well. For example, you can find a full-face helmet with a visor, while others may not.

The visor can also be tinted or left completely clear. Flip-up helmets should get an honorable mention here. They are designed the same as full-face helmets, except the chin bar can also be flipped up.

Types of Helmets for Kids a Person on a Dirt Bike in the Air Wearing a Dual-Sport Helmet

Dual-Sport Helmets for Kids

The major differences between the different types of helmets for kids are the style and the weight. Most people want lightweight helmets that are comfortable and protective. A full-face helmet might be the heaviest, open-face, slightly lighter, and the basic bike helmet is the lightest.

A dual-sport helmet aims to combine the levels of protection from a full-face helmet but with the lightness of an open-face helmet. Dual-sports are also more padded, which some claim is more comfortable than a full-face helmet.