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  • ProLids Flip Brim

    Flip Brim


    Ride your bike with a fresh new look every single time with the help of the Flip Brim for your ProLids Helmet. The Flip Brim is a completely flipped-up brim that not looks stylish whether worn facing forward or backward. The fun part about your ProLid is you can swap our Flat Brim or the Curved Brim onto your helmet whenever you want. Express yourself in unique ways by moving the brim to the front or back of your ProLid.

  • Flat Brim on a Wooden Table

    Flat Brim


    There is no reason to mess with the classic look of a Flat Brim hat, unless of course you want to make it your ProLids bicycle helmet. The Flat Brim gives your helmet a classic look in a fresh and unique way. You can also move the brim from the front to the back for a unique look. Want to switch things up even further? You can swap out the Flat Brim for the Curved Brim or even the Flip Brim whenever you’d like!

  • Curved Brim on a Wooden Table

    Curved Brim


    Elevate your riding style with the help of a Curved Brim for your ProLids Helmet. These brims allow you to add a touch of style and personality to your ProLid.  The Curved Brim can be attached to the front or back of your helmet and you can even swap out our brims for a completely different look. Choose between the Curved Brim, Flat Brim, and Flip Brim.